The Considerate Care Difference


Considerate Care For Patients

Considerate Care for Patients includes far more than state of the art medicine.  It represents our commitment to providing a calm and peaceful environment for our patients, the avoidance of unnecessary procedures, and a consistently personal approach to patient care.  Our specialists and emergency doctors work, not as separate departments, but together as a team.  This results in superior quality and continuity of care for each and every patient.

Considerate Care for Pet Owners

Considerate Care for Pet Owners means we respect, value, and encourage the involvement of each pet owner in the decisions that affect their pet’s healthcare.  Pet owners are guaranteed quality time with our doctors and open communication.  They are also guaranteed a comfortable and caring environment where they will be treated not as customers but as guests.

Considerate Care for Primary Care Veterinarians

Considerate Care for Primary Care Veterinarians means that we recognize and value our partnership with each primary care veterinarian.  We respect the important role that the primary care veterinarian plays in the ongoing healthcare of each patient prior to and following referral or emergency visit. We respect the knowledge and experience of our primary care veterinarians and are continually exploring ways to foster exchange of information.  We also understand that time is valuable and are committed to innovating ways to expedite and simplify the referral process.

Considerate Care for One Another

Considerate Care for One Another means that we treat one another with respect and compassion.   We recognize the value of creativity, innovation and positive change and we encourage one another to be the best that we can be.  We understand the value of a smile and a kind word.  We choose to be of service not only to our patients, pet owners and primary care veterinarians, but to one another.

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