Cold Weather Care For Your Pet

We are experiencing record low temperatures in our area! Here are some things to keep in mind for your furry friends to help keep them safe and comfortable over the winter. When temperatures drop [...]

Toxic Foods For Dogs

This is a list of toxic foods for dogs. If you are a dog owner/lover please bookmark this post. We get far too many dogs in our ER for silly things like: Fido eating a pack of carelessly placed [...]

Heartworm Disease Is On The Attack!

HEARTWORM DISEASE AND LYME DISEASE ARE FORECASTED TO BE HIGHLY PROBLEMATIC IN 2017 The 2017 forecasts are in, and CAPC is forecasting an active year for heartworm disease and Lyme disease. Based [...]

Dog Seizures: Causes & Treatments

Treatment for dog seizures is something we handle daily here at Saint Francis so we wanted to share a little bit about the potential cause of seizures, how we find out what the cause is and then [...]

Sneek: help with weight loss

Sneak is a thirteen year old domestic short hair who is being treated by Jennifer McCown, DVM DACVIM for weight loss and lethargy. Sneak is pictured with Jay, Ashley and Dr. McCown during a visit [...]